"Scott, you can’t transform.."

the darkness inside us' series. stiles / allison

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”..and I’m straight up losing my mind.”

the darkness inside us' series. scott / allison

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"Allison is being haunted by her dead aunt.."

the darkness inside us' series. stiles / scott

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freyarising ;
From the book thing: 17, 27, 38, 44, 47, 49


17- Favorite book I had to read in school would probably be Catcher In The Rye, though I had to think about that for several minutes. 

27- The only thing that comes to mind is Queen of the Damned, but I like both with equal fervor. I dont think the book was ruined by the movie, but they are definitely very far apart. 

38- I love to read curled up with nature anyway I can. This can mean curled up by a fire, or on the deck, or by the sea. Reading by the sea is probably best <3

44- JK Rowling is definitely my favorite children’s book author, what a gift to literature.

47- I have definitely reread the Harry Potter books more than anything else I own. 

49- I personally believe we should be teaching more YA in school. Any good YA. Last Night I Sang To The Monster is one I would love to see in every class room across America, as it deals with mental issues a lot of students go through, and others that need to be discussed in order to gain a greater understanding and increased access to mental health care facilities. 


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Dark In My Imagination
of Verona - The White Apple

There’s something in the look you give
I can’t help myself I fall, I can’t help myself at all
There’s something in your touch when we kiss
I scream god forgive me please…
because I want you on your knees


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Questions About Books and Reading by shevinefeels

  • 1: What was the last book you read?
  • 2: Was it a good one?
  • 3: What made it good?
  • 4: Would you recommend it to other people?
  • 5: How often do you read?
  • 6: Do you like to read?
  • 7: What was the last bad book you read?
  • 8: What made you dislike it?
  • 9: Do you wish to be a writer?
  • 10: Has any book ever influenced you greatly?
  • 11: Do you read fanfiction?
  • 12: Do you write fanfiction?
  • 13: What's your favorite book?
  • 14: What's your least favorite book?
  • 15: Do you prefer physical books or reading on a device (like a kindle)?
  • 16: When did you learn to read?
  • 17: What is your favorite book you had to read in school?
  • 18: What is your favorite book series?
  • 19: Who is your favorite author?
  • 20: What is your favorite genre?
  • 21: Who is your favorite character in a book series?
  • 22: Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?
  • 23: Which book do you wish had a sequel?
  • 24: Which book do you wish DIDN'T have a sequel?
  • 25: How long does it take you to read a book?
  • 26: Do you like when books become movies?
  • 27: Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?
  • 28: Which movie has done a book justice?
  • 29: Do you read newspapers?
  • 30: Do you read magazines?
  • 31: Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?
  • 32: Do you read while in bed?
  • 33: Do you read while on the toilet?
  • 34: Do you read while in the car?
  • 35: Do you read while in the bath?
  • 36: Are you a fast reader?
  • 37: Are you a slow reader?
  • 38: Where is your favorite place to read?
  • 39: Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?
  • 40: Do you need a room to be silent while you read?
  • 41: Who gave you your love of reading?
  • 42: What book is next on your list to read?
  • 43: When did you start to read chapter books?
  • 44: Who is your favorite children's book author?
  • 45: Which author would you like to interview the most?
  • 46: Which author do you think you'd be friends with?
  • 47: What book have you reread the most?
  • 48: Which books do you consider "classics"?
  • 49: Which books do you think should be taught in every school?
  • 50: Which books should be banned from all schools?
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when blue is blue by chriseastmids
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not interested in politics that don’t incorporate love

not interested in the anaesthetisation of politics

not interested in theory sans emotion 

let’s use our feelings to talk about power

let’s use our feelings to fuck up power

what the fuck are you waiting for

learn how to cry again

learn how to scream again

pour yourself into things

bleed onto things

fuck shit up

let’s get visceral

don’t let dead men with books hold your heart hostage

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Teen Wolf Cast + Shirtless Photos

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